Could you take on the Arctic Challenge?

When our Operations Manager, Becky Liptrott, found out that her husband, an active serving member of the Royal Navy, would be deployed from September 2020 for six months, she found herself looking for a new challenge to push her out of her comfort zone, and keep her busy until he returned. On discovering the Arctic Survival Challenge, she didn’t think twice about signing up. Fast forward all sorts of Covid19-related disruption and delay, and finally, Becky’s flight to Sweden is starting to feel like it’s just around the corner. Becky tells it best in her own words, below.

“I’m taking this challenge in aid of the Royal British Legion, which supports service personnel, veterans and their families. Having served myself in the Royal Navy, and now married to a member of the Navy, I’ve seen firsthand how service personnel and their families benefit from the excellent help and assistance provided by the Royal British Legion.

“Fundraising during the pandemic has been almost as tough as the Arctic Challenge itself promises to be! I’ve been busy running craft stalls, organising quizzes, coordinating and participating in Crossfit events to raise awareness and raise money. And I’m incredibly grateful for all the donations that have come in from family, friends and colleagues. Stratia Cyber has been a fantastic support throughout this long arduous training and preparation journey, and demonstrated truly how much I’m a valued member of the team.

“Having completed another intense training weekend before heading to the Arctic, it’s starting to get very real!”

The Arctic Challenge will also take Becky back to Sweden, where she spent some of her early childhood years. It’s the first time she’s returned since leaving in the 80s, so while this time she’ll be within 150km of the Arctic Circle, it certainly feels a lot like she’s going home. 

Thank you to all those who donated before 1 December and made sure Becky hit her initial fundraising target. Becky will continue to fundraise until the challenge is complete in March 2022. Dig deep to support her outstanding show of resilience as well as this fantastic cause. You can donate via justgiving today.

Stay tuned for more updates from Becky’s ultimate test of survival in temperatures as low as -30°, as the final stages of her preparation continue!