Free webinar: Why clear goals and a people-first approach lead to secure transformation

How can companies handle the ‘people’ aspect of technological transformation? How do you set out a clear goal – and ensure everyone understands (and supports) it? And how do you stay secure in a time of change? 

To answer these questions, Paul Maxwell, Director at Stratia Cyber, will be joined by two experts in technological transformation and security: James Findlay, Principle and Co-Founder at Stance and Liz Murray, Global Security Culture and Awareness Lead, FNZ in Stratia Cyber’s first-ever free online webinar. 

To tune in, simply click here to register for the free 60-minute event which will take place online from 11am GMT on Thursday 10 November 2022. 

Following the event, stay tuned for digest the insights shared during the webinar.

We’ll cover

Why you need a non-executive director who truly believes

Why change is a ‘people initiative’ – and needs to be communicated clearly

How to have cyber risk conversations in ‘board language’

Why badging transformation as a ‘revolution’ can have dire consequences

Why managers HAVE to talk to the front-line employees impacted by change

How to set out clear, measurable goals

How to turn change into BAU (business as usual) 

More about the speakers

About James

James has thirty years of experience as a systems engineer and programme director delivering communications systems and business change, and is a co-founder and principal at Stance consultancy which was created to help organisations realise the transformative potential of technology. James is the former Chief Information Officer at HS2 Limited and Technology Leader for the Department for Transport.

About Paul

Paul is a founding Director of Stratia Cyber and an experienced Risk Management and Security Architect, highly respected for his excellent technical, communication and leadership skills, and his commitment to supporting Government and Commercial systems projects. Prior to joining the world of consultancy, Paul held roles including Sensors Engineers in the Royal Navy, Desktop Accreditor for Top Secret systems and Security Assurance Manager for GCHQ.

About Liz

Liz made a successful transition after a 20-year military career to cyber security in Financial Services in 2018. Initially spending 2.5 years with HSBC, before moving to her new role as Global Security Awareness and Culture Lead, FNZ in May 2021. Liz specialises in building protective security cultures through creating, and delivering, human factors based awareness and education campaigns that support business objectives whilst operationalising policy for global users. Very much a people person first, Liz is also a Suicide First Aid Instructor, Human Resilience specialist and Mental Health First Aider.

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