How to prepare for the ultimate test of resilience

With just six weeks to go until Becky’s flight is scheduled to take off for Sweden, she’s been busy prepping her kit – with the help of her doe-eyed dog, Thor! Needless to say he’s not thrilled by the prospect of her trip, though he’s yet to turn down a walk in support of Becky’s fitness goals. “Now, my training is complete and my flights are booked. It’s starting to get very real!”

November saw Becky out in the woods for the whole weekend learning from the experts on outdoor survival. In comparison, lifting weights at the gym to raise funds later in December felt like a breeze!  

L-R: Becky Liptrott, Operations Manager at Stratia Cyber lifting like a pro in preparation for the Arctic Challenge. Kit check day and loyal supporter, Thor.

Preparation is key to success

Training for an event like the Arctic Challenge demands patience above all, and not least because Covid-19 restrictions have already delayed Becky’s pursuit a number of times. So when she realised she had bursitis in her left hip over the holiday break, Becky knew it was essential to listen to her body and rest to ensure she’d make a fast and full recovery ready for her last bout of training that will be essential to prepare for moving through snow for long periods and in freezing temperatures. Demonstrating absolute commitment to the cause, Becky has signed up for extra private personal training to focus on strength and conditioning – an investment that will no doubt pay off as she spends seven days knee-deep in the Arctic Challenge. 

Looks like there’s just a short list of items Becky still needs to get hold of before she attempts the task of fitting it all into one bag. A task requiring a combination of discipline and creative thinking, long before she touches down in the Arctic Circle.   

Supporting The Royal British Legion

Our Operations Manager, Becky, is taking this challenge in aid of the Royal British Legion, which supports service personnel, veterans and their families. Having served in the Royal Navy, and now married to a member of the Navy, she’s seen firsthand how service personnel and their families benefit from the excellent help and assistance provided by the Royal British Legion.

Becky will continue to fundraise until the challenge is complete in March 2022. We are so proud of her for committing to complete this challenge despite the odds. If you’d like to show your support, too, you can donate via justgiving today.