SC Insights | Phishing and the legal sector

What’s the number one threat facing law firms? It’s ransomware, usually delivered in the form of an email phishing attack.

In our new white paper this month, Stratia Cyber’s consultants, along with experts from the legal sector, look at why law firms are particularly tempting targets for cybercriminals – and how organisations can respond to the ransomware threat. 

These attacks almost always have one thing in common: they begin with a phishing attack. 

New technology is helping phishing attacks hit home, with generative AI such as ChatGPT removing the language barrier for criminals attempting highly targeted ‘spear phishing’ attacks. It’s never been easier to craft a convincing phishing email. 

Newer strains of ransomware, delivered via phishing attacks, allowing cybercriminals to not only encrypt information and demand payment – but also steal it and threaten to release information online. 

Learn more in our white paper here.