Demonstrate that you take security seriously

Get certified to show you care about protecting all the information you handle. Whether its customers, colleagues, partners, or suppliers, organisations face increasing demand to prove that appropriate measures are in place to keep valuable data assets safe from the threat of accidental compromise and cybercrime with malicious intent.

Cyber Security Certifications are highly accessible to businesses of all sizes, and represent a fast, affordable and accessible way to boost competitive and commercial advantage.

Cyber Essentials

We’re an NCSC approved and licensed IASME Consortium Certification body. Work with us to reduce phishing-related risks and other low-level attacks, implement the NCSC’s set of pragmatic security measures and achieve Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+) certification. 

Most cyber attacks use basic techniques and don’t need sophisticated cybercriminal organisations to mastermind the disruption. Cyber Essentials is designed to prevent these types of attacks and minimise your organisation’s appeal as a potential target for more serious unwanted attention.

For some industries, CE certification is mandatory to demonstrates that cyber security is taken seriously, is independently verifiable, and comes with automatic cyber liability insurance. 

Both levels of certification are designed to be simple and effective for organisations of all sizes.

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Cyber Security Audit

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