Reduce your workload, delegate time-consuming technical and complex tasks, and make the most of limited cyber security budgets with our complete range of cyber security consultancy services. Choose to engage with us on the basis that suits yours and your organisation’s changing needs, and mix and match services to create an overall solution guaranteed to strengthen security posture.

No disruption to business as usual, rapidly improved understanding of cyber risk, and the best use of available cyber security resources.

Cyber Security Consultancy

See your risk profile more clearly than ever. Work with us and capitalise on our many years’ of industry experience – we’ll help simplify your risk profile and break down each element in a way that everyone across the business will understand. Armed with a strong understanding of current risks, you can quickly and efficiently accelerate next steps towards deciding on and implementing changes to support your organisation’s security posture.

We’re certified by the National Cyber Security Centre to deliver Security Architecture and Risk Management consultancy to their exacting standards. We’re proudly independent and promise to provide impartial recommendations every step of the way. We stick to a no jargon policy in all reports, documentation and outputs we deliver.

Cyber Security Testing and Assessments

Let’s start at the beginning. Test your systems, including advanced infrastructure and application health checks, to understand current levels of cyber risk and create your benchmark for improvement. Use testing outcomes and reports to communicate your business case for cyber security to stakeholders, budget holders and decision makers.

Identify unknown vulnerabilities to enhance prioritisation of cyber security resource

Gain confidence in the security of your IT environments with a comprehensive view of actual cyber risk

Make smarter budget decisions with the information you need to allocate resource most effectively

We will supply and source qualified teams and individuals to the CREST, SANS, ISC2 and Cyber Essentials standards, based on your individual needs. Our Cyber Security Testing and Assessments services include advanced infrastructure and application health checks.

Case studies

Critical Infrastructure

Securing critical infrastructure is vital to maintaining economic stability, public health and safety, and normalcy in day to day life. Ensure compliance, protect our society, and keep the world moving with the support of our certified team of cyber security experts.

Cyber Security as a Service (CSAAS)

Get the level of assurance you need to be able to focus your efforts on doing business, and let us take care of the rest.

Cyber security is essential for all types and sizes of organisation, but not everyone needs or has the resources for an in-house cyber security function. Choose Cyber Security as a Service to benefit from expert consultancy trusted by HM government without the risky investment in building and maintaining your own security team.