Watch here: ‘Why clear goals and a people-first approach lead to secure transformation’

Why does badging technological change as a ‘revolution’ lead to disaster? Why can a ‘frozen middle’ stop digital transformation in its tracks? And why would you delete ‘cyber’ from a job description? 

All these questions are answered in Stratia Cyber’s first-ever webinar recorded on Thursday 10 November and, available to watch now for free, Why clear goals and a people-first approach lead to secure transformation. If you’re short of time to watch the full thing, get the highlights and four main takeaways with this infographic.

Thank you to our guest speakers, leading experts in technological transformation and security, James Findlay, Principal and Co-Founder at Stance, and Liz Murray, Global Security Culture and Awareness Lead at FNZ.

About James

James has thirty years of experience as a systems engineer and programme director delivering communications systems and business change, and is a co-founder and principal at the consultancy Stance Global which was created to help organisations realise the transformative potential of technology. James is the former Chief Information Officer at HS2 Limited and Technology Leader for the Department for Transport.

About Liz

Liz Murray made a successful transition after a 20-year military career to cyber security in Financial Services in 2018. Initially spending 2.5 years with HSBC, before moving to her new role as Global Security Awareness and Culture Lead, FNZ in May 2021. Liz specialises in building protective security cultures through creating, and delivering, human factors based awareness and education campaigns that support business objectives whilst operationalising policy for global users. Very much a people person first, Liz is also a Suicide First Aid Instructor, Human Resilience specialist and Mental Health First Aider.

About Jon

Jon is a Senior Cyber Security Consultant at Stratia Cyber, currently working on Stratia’s contract with High Speed 2, running its information and cyber security programme and  dealing at CISO level with the biggest construction companies in the UK and the world. Prior to joining Stratia, he worked on defence programmes, including the mitigation of the effects of the Snowden/Wikileaks incident on the Five Eyes Intelligence community, after more than 20 years in the Royal Air Force working on securing, managing and controlling tactical and strategic communications and information systems capabilities.